Christmas wrap-up

So that was Christmas, and surprisingly enough, considering the fact that it was done on the cheap, it has been our nicest Christmas since we got here.
The fact that it was low key helps a huge amount! The menu was simple (see here) and we kept pretty much to our plan. I haven’t done an exact costing of the meal(sorry!) but I can give you a general idea of what we paid.

Roast Chicken – 1.9kg bird from Aldi @ £3.99
2 Packets pork sausages -Aldi £1.25 each
2 Packets Bacon-Aldi- £0.99 each
1/5 bottle Sundried tomatoes (about 2 or 3) – Aldi £1.05 for the jar so I guess about £ 0.30 for 1/5
Broccoli -Aldi – £0.57
Cauliflower -Aldi- £0.98
Milk 2 Pints – Aldi – £1.09 for 4 pints, so £0.58
Mild Cheddar- Aldi – £3.99 for a large block, and I used about 1/4 of the block So around £1.00
Roast Potatoes – I have no idea what I paid for the potatoes, I have lost the slip, but I don’t think they would have been more than about a pound.

This fed us all, and there was more than enough chicken left over to make a big pot of Chicken a la King for Boxing Day, when we had Carol and Family from Saffas in the UK 

Pudding was a complete cheat, we went past Iceland and got the Double Chocolate Log which cost a whole £2, and was absolutely amazing!!

My final cost round up comes to around £14.50 , which considering the amount of food we had, and how much we had left over I am going to count as a budgeting win!

After lunch we went for a walk with the dogs, and I was amazed at how quiet the streets were, it felt a lot like it does when it snows, and everywhere is deserted.

Christmas in the UK is amazing, and so different from South Africa. Different, but still amazing! I sometimes weirdly enough still feel like we never left, and that I could just pop around to see my Mum or siblings, or call a friend for a chat and some wine.

Having said that, obviously we cant do that, and that was our choice. Christmas is still a family time, just we now spend that time thinking of what the family is up to , instead of taking part in the chaos!

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